Salustri Farm House is located in Casal di Mezzo, a typical small Umbrian hamlet of rural houses made in stones, not steel or reinforced concrete have been used to renovate the houses. All around the village there are magnificent trees and walnuts trees. A rare gem , a place where the time has stopped.

During the night the guests are “ sentenced” to a night of full rest and tranquillity, no running cars or trains on the background , no sirens or alarms will interfere with your sleep. In the morning the guests will be waken up by some insolent nightingales which will start chirping very early.

Lots of relaxing walks in the woods, horseback excursions and refreshing swims in the swimming pool are expected in this slice of heaven.

At Salustri’s, the kitchen offers typical meals made with fresh products organically grown in the family vegetable garden ; the cooking is made either in the wooden burning oven or grilled/ barbecued.