On March 23rd 2024, the first and only “Tibetan” suspension bridge in Umbria was inaugurated in Sellano (PG).

Located in the historic center of Sellano, between the cities of Foligno and Spoleto, near the old town hall, the Tibetan bridge is accessible only on foot. The path goes in one direction, starting from Sellano.

This engineering feat connects Sellano to the Montesanto hamlet, boasting the title of the highest suspension bridge in Europe at 175 meters tall and a length of 517.5 meters, with 1,023 steps and a positive elevation difference of 68 meters between the two stations.

The bridge features a discontinuous footpath, with a gap between each step, making it not recommended for those with vertigo.

It’s an acrobatic experience high above the Vigi River valley, to be tackled while harnessed with assistance provided by technical staff, who also help with putting on the safety harness.

This magnificent structure can be traversed safely by experienced hikers, adventurous youths, as well as families and groups of friends.

If you’re planning a vacation in Umbria, Sellano and its bridge offer an adrenaline-pumping stop not to be missed!