Collelignani Farm house has nine stunning and cosy flats, independent from one another, and each of them has either an external veranda,or terrace. or gardens. The flats have double bed rooms, and each room can be provided with2 to 4 beds and a fully equipped kitchenette .There also is a very attractive swimming pool 8mt x 14 metres where to relax and get a tan.

Local products coming from organic farming are transformed into delicious traditional food, and served in the restaurant. Their recipes are simple yet tasty and delectable, lots of them are very original and bequeathed directly from their grand mothers . The recipes are jealously keep secret and used in order to don’t let the old traditions fading away.

In this 50 hectares large certified Organic Company are widely farmed pulses and organic cereals, alfalfa, saffron, olive groves and vineyards.